Scene 5

Scene 5

SETTING:                   The Johnson family home back in the


AT RISE:                   Four stylish young women are sitting

around a card table playing Bridge. They’re having fun – shoes kicked off, drinking martinis, talking and laughing as they play their cards. All are smoking. PATRICK (a toddler) is under the table between the legs. The women are tickling him with their bare feet. He picks up a leather pump and sniff it, drops the shoe and pounces on the nearest foot, causing the woman (not his mother) to shriek in laughter. Her skirt is hiked up, her thighs splayed open. She is clearly enjoying herself.


(looks under the table)

Patrick, what are you doing down there?

(PATRICK looks up so he is staring right at the crotch of the woman whose skirt is hiked up. He freezes, fascinated by what he sees.)


(shouts in wonder)

Oh!. . .

(The women all laugh and the game continues.)




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