Scene 17

Scene 17

SETTING:                   Nighttime in the hospital room.

AT RISE:                   PATRICK is in a chair by the window.

His legs are up on another chair and he has a blanket wrapped awkwardly around him. He looks very uncomfortable.


(Walks into the room and stops when she sees PATRICK looking back at her. More defensive than defiant.)

I just came in to check on her. I don’t care what the doctor says. She’s still my patient until I’m off.

(When PATRICK doesn’t say anything, she approaches the bed and looks at MARY. She reaches down and straightens the bed-covers in a motherly way. PATRICK is sitting up now, watching her like a hawk. NURSE JUNE steps back from the bed but keeps her eyes on MARY – fascinated.)

She looks so peaceful. . .

(She turns to PATRICK but he doesn’t respond. After a few seconds she lowers her gaze and leaves the room.)

(PATRICK shakes his head and scrunches back down into the chair.)




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