Cast of Characters

Mary Johnson:            A young woman at various ages.

An old woman on her deathbed.

Patrick Johnson:         Mary’s son.

A toddler.

A young boy.

A boy in his mid to late teens.

A man in his 40s.

Adam Johnson:            Mary’s son. Patrick’s older brother.

A teenage boy.

A man in his 40s.

Scott Johnson:           Mary’s son. Patrick’s younger brother.

A man in his 30s.

Evan Johnson:            Mary’s son. Patrick’s youngest brother.

A man in his 30s. Voice only.

Janet Johnson:           Scott’s wife.

A woman in her 30s.

Max Johnson:             Scott and Janet’s son.

A young boy.

Nurse Kelly:             A woman in her 30s.

Nurse Anne:              A woman in her 30s. African American.

Nurse June:              A woman in her 50s.

Nurse Marta:             A woman in her 30s. Latin American.

Dr. Landen:              A middle-aged man.

Dr. Martin:              A man in his 20s. African American.

Dr. Lin:                 A man in his 60s. Asian American.

Bill Smith:              A man in his 30s.

Sandy Gross:             A man in his 30s.

Margret Freeman:         A woman in her 30s.

Man in Wheelchair:       An old man.

Hospital Staff:          As desired for hospital effect.

Party Attendees:         As desired for party effect.

Bridge Players:          Women in their 20s.


A hospital (Mary Johnson’s hospital room and the hallway adjacent to that room), and the Johnson family home. The sets should be spare to allow for rapid scene changes.


The hospital scenes occur in the present. The home scenes occur
in the past at various points in time.